We are now very proud to be able to offer a Great Big BBQ option for your event.

As with all our catered event packages we start with our highly trained chef and 2 hours of cooking/service time, we also include rolls and wraps, eco friendly disposable plates, knives and forks, napkins and a selection of condiments. Also as with our Hog packages you can add salads and sides as you like.

BBQ Grill Options

Gas Powered: a very quick set up and close down option, flat grill attached to a proprane tank, cooking temperature is reached almost straight away which means quick cooking for a fast turnaround, probably best for evening events and getting lots of people fed quickly. £175 flat fee

Wood/Coal Burning: this option takes a little longer to set up and close down, getting the best burn for cooking is well worth the wait however, as the wood allows a better variation of slow-cooking and flame-grilled with a fuller grill flavour, this is a great luxurious option for longer day events. £250 flat fee

We aim to give our clients the most choice possible to make sure your event is exactly as you want it. With that in mind we offer a huge selection of meat*, fish*, and vegetarian items to grill in a “build you own menu” style. You can pick as many items as you like from the list below, let us know the quantities you require of each item, and we will send you a personalised quote.

Package ideas, 1 Classic + 1 Fish or Veg = £8 /  1 Premium + any other item = £11 / 1 Classic + 1 Premium + any other option = £15      

*Meat and fish options may be subject to seasonal market price fluctuation



6oz Beef Burger

Classic Pork Sausage

Butterflied Chicken Breast

Boneless Chicken Thighs

Pork Chop

6oz Beef Rump Steak

£4 per item


8oz Burger∴


Lamb Leg Steak

Half Chicken

Pork Belly Strips

∴Large selection of butchers’ choice flavours available

£5 per item*


Duck Breast

Pork Fillet

Lamb Rump

Lamb Rack

Whole Striploin

A large selection of exotic meats are available on request (POA)

£6.50 per item*

Low & Slow

Beef Brisket

Beef Ribs

Pulled Pork

Pork Ribs

Pulled Lamb Shoulder

Chicken Drumsticks/Wings

Duck Leg

£5.50 per portion*


Tuna Steak

Swordfish Steak


Cod Loin

King Prawn Skewers

Stuffed Squid

£5 per portion*


Homemade Roasted Red Pepper & Chickpea Falafal Burger

Grilled Flat Mushroom topped with Spinach & Ricotta

Grilled Halloumi

Cauliflower Steak

Mixed Vegetable Skewers

£4.50 per portion*

Marinade Options

Lemon, Thyme & White Wine, Green Thai, Tikka, Jerk, Sweet & Sour, Honey & Mustard, Garlic &Rosemary, Cumin & Ginger, Sweet Chilli & Lime, Beer & Black Garlic, Cider & Mustard.

Other options available on request